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We’re dedicated to using innovative business methods to tackle tough social, economic and environmental issues like:

  • Poverty
  • Unemployment
  • Education
  • Drug Abuse
  • The Environment

What's Social Enterprise?

Social Enterprise represents the “sweet spot” between profit-based and not-for-profit models for making society better. They do not depend on charity, but earned income from sales to support their mission. Since they reinvest their proceeds, they are designed to be financially sustainable over the long term. Most are grass roots startups utilizing innovative ways to accomplish their goals.

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So You Want to Start a Social Enterprise? (Part 2)

So You Want to Start a Social Enterprise? (Part 2)

Flywheel Social Enterprise Hub's three-part blog series, So You Want to Start a Social Enterprise, w

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Communications Specialist, Jess Kerr

Phone: 513-520-6209

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