Building a Business Model Canvas for the Social Entrepreneur


Join Flywheel Social Enterprise Hub for a workshop on “Building a Business Model for the Social Entrepreneur” on Thursday, June 29th from 9 am to 2 pm at Union Hall!

The Business Model Canvas has been a highly effective tool for companies big and small to design, describe, challenge, and pivot their business models. Successful enterprise leaders use the business model canvas to demonstrate their company’s potential through various interrelated aspects, such as target markets, unique value, and revenue streams.  This workshop, through lecture and interactive exercises, will help new and existing social enterprises refine their own business model.

This workshop utilizes the core principles of simplicity, visibility, and interaction between the business model components. It also adds four dimensions that are specifically relevant and important to social entrepreneurs:

  • Beneficiary Segments: Clearly identify who your beneficiary segments are, even if they aren’t paying you
  • Social and Customer Value Proposition: Ensure that you lay out a compelling rationale that will drive your customers to buy without forgetting about your impact on society
  • Impact Measures: Develop clear thinking around what kind of social impact you’re creating and how it could be measured
  • Surplus: Plan and communicate what happens with profits and where you aim on reinvesting them.

We are seeking 4-5 two-person teams representing social enterprises with the following characteristics:

  • Social enterprises are defined as businesses that have as their primary purpose “creating social impact either through the people they employ or the services or products they sell.” This does not include corporate social responsibility strategies such as donating profits or buy one-give one strategies. Tax status is irrelevant for admittance into this workshop.
  • Both businesses that are currently operating (in pilot or in launch) and business ideas that have completed some “viability testing and are pre-MVP (minimally viable product) stage will be considered. This is not an ideation workshop and organizations that are at that stage of development would not benefit from this workshop.
  • There is an application process for the workshop and applicants will be promptly notified if they are accepted into the workshop.

Applications are due by June 8th and successful applicants will be notified by June 10th.

Click here to apply!

The normal fee for this workshop is $225 per organization, however the Mayerson Foundation has generously offered to underwrite the fees for participating organizations. Because this is a competitive application, organizations that are accepted, agree to participate, and subsequently cancel will be invoiced a cancellation fee of $225.



New Approaches, New Revenue – Amplify Your Impact with Social Enterprise


  • What is Social Enterprise really all about?
  • How do entrepreneurship and innovation fit in the context of your unique organization?
  • How can Social Enterprise help you grow your mission impact while supporting your financial bottom line?

Join Supports to Encourage Low-Income Families (SELF) and The Butler County Family & Children First Council on Tuesday, July 25th as we kick off a region-wide discussion of Nonprofits and Social Enterprise with the experts from CauseImpact.

Get in at the start of the conversation: Discover the opportunities and resources that will help your organization succeed and grow.

The event will be followed by a happy hour reception where you can share your thoughts with your peers at the Municipal Brew Works. First round and appetizers are on us.

Workshop Information: 

New Approaches, New Revenue: Amplify Your Impact with Social Enterprise

Tuesday, July 25th 1pm – 4pm

Butler County Educational Service Center

400 N. Erie Blvd

Hamilton, OH 45011


Cost: $29.00 per person (advance registration)


Happy Hour:   Municipal Brew Works

Tuesday, July 25th 4:15pm – 7:00pm

20 High Street

Hamilton, OH 45011