2018 Elevator Cohort

Interested in applying for our 2018 cohort?

The application will come out in the fall, but feel free to reach out with any questions in the meantime!

2017 Elevator Cohort

Cohort details will be released after our Demo Day on February 7th. If interested in attending our Demo Day, please contact us!

2016 Elevator Cohort

 A workforce development program focused on making great food and restaurant workers.

cincy hive

A center for contemplation, art, and action that seeks to cultivate mindfulness that translates into creativity and action in Cincinnati.


Addresses food waste in Cincinnati by creating healthy soups for customers and food-deprived individuals.

A collaborative hub where parents call for family supportive workplace policies, laws, and values in the U.S.


A program that provides Cincinnati youth the opportunity to develop their mind, body, and spirit within a community context.

Dedicated to creating accessible community resources for Cincinnati trans, queer, and LGBTQ people.


Utilizes modern technology to create relationships and learning experiences between students in other countries/cultures.