A Note from our Fall Communications Intern

As we say farewell to Ellen Huggins, she shares with us her experience while working for Flywheel.

I had a very limited idea of what to expect when beginning my internship at Flywheel. Based on what the intern before me had explained, I was expecting a set of routine tasks that would be consistent throughout the whole semester. It was anything but that. I started during the hectic time in the middle of Elevator and it was all hands on deck for Demo Day. As a result, I was thrown into a wide variety of tasks, most of which I had little experience in.

However, it was during this first month that I developed the confidence in my work that I never imagined I would gain and the realization that I was working with people who trusted me.

In addition to the immediate Flywheel team, being surrounded by innovators and entrepreneurs inspired me to think outside my own personal bubble. Watching the discussions and ideation sessions that go into all things Flywheel was an incredible observational experience on my end. Whether it was weekly Elevator meetings or a monthly workshop, I always left thinking about new ways to create change.

My favorite experience during my time at Flywheel was taking ownership of the hiring process of a new intern (or actually two interns) for the summer term. Having my opinion held at high value was a huge learning experience for me and I believe I grew immensely because of it. I enjoy teaming up with others to bounce around ideas and Flywheel gave me the ability to do so in more ways than one. The benefit of being able to collaborate with my own peers in a way that was previously unfamiliar to me was important for that.

As I have been reflecting on my time at Flywheel, it’s safe to say that I learned more about the professional and social entrepreneurial world that can be put into words. Coming from a background of political campaigns and advocacy, Flywheel showed me the power of creating community change in a different way – driving organizations who are already doing the work.

Flywheel said farewell to both Ellen Huggins, Communications Intern,  and Yana Osipenko, our Russian fellow, but grateful for the time and work we got to share with them! Looking forward to what they have in store for the future. 

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